July Favorites: What I’ve Been Loving Recently (Makeup, Music, and More)

Somehow, we have already reached August. I swear it feels like the summer just started and now the countdown to pumpkin-related treats and cozy sweaters has begun. Can we slow down time just a little bit so I can actually get more than one beach trip in this season?

Anyway, I’ve decided to create a new monthly post on this blog where I discuss some of my favorite things from the month that just ended. (I’ve seen this on a lot of other blogs and YouTube channels, so it’s by no means original, but I want to share my favorite things with others and maybe even inspire some to check them out!) I’ll cover literally anything and everything I can think of—including beauty/hair products, TV shows, songs, movies, apps, stores, websites, and more.

Let’s get started with July.


To be honest, I’m not that much of a makeup person. Yes, my dresser is covered in samples of random products and my 2 makeup drawers are pretty much filled to the brim, but a lot of the time, I just don’t have the time to do a full face of makeup. I keep it simple on a daily basis—BB cream, concealer, quick eyeshadow, a quick brow fill in, tiny bit of highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, and I’m done. I don’t even use makeup brushes (even though I have plenty). And I use the same products over anIMG_2684d over until they are dried up and done. Because I don’t use half of the products I buy enough, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on these things.

So, after I realized that ColourPop‘s products were actually super cheap, I had to hop on that bandwagon as well. (I know in beauty world I’m definitely super behind on the trend, but whatever, still going to talk about it!)

I spent $32 and got 7 products. SEVEN! Some lip products go for that much money for one! Obviously, it was very exciting for me. Here’s what I got:

-An eyeshadow in the color Cricket, which is a purple/brown color that is also super shimmery.
-A gel liner in Swerve (I’ve never owned gel liner before, so I went with plain black to start!)
-Two eyeliners: Fast Lane (a deep teal) and Best O (burgundy)
-A lippie stix in Lumière and its respective lip pencil. I’m wearing it in the photo above! I love it because it’s a nice pop of colour (see what I did there?) but still looks natural, especially for someone like me who rarely wears lipstick.
-An ultra matte lip gloss in Privacy Please, which is very(!) bright for me, but it’s gorgeous. Even if I barely wear it out, it was cheap, so I don’t feel too bad.

I would definitely purchase from them again. The products are great quality, there’s an awesome selection of colors, and once again, the prices are phenomenal. 10/10 would recommend.


Man, my hair is hard to take care of sometimes. It’s super thick, can get super frizzy, and lately, it has felt super dry. After reading some articles about how many shampoos actually strip out the natural oils from your hair and subsequently cause it to be more dry, I decided to switch to a new brand: Shea Moisture.

I got their Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine shampoo and conditioner, and they are amazing. They smell great, are sulfate-free and cruelty-free, and make my hair feel 10x softer. The ingredients are simple, including coconut oil, neem oil, and silk protein. I think I’ve finally found my go-to shampoo and conditioner.


I am actually the worst when it comes to exercising. Even though I do yoga a couple times a week, I do not get my heart racing enough. I think I would pass out if I jumped right into high-intensity exercise (especially in this summer heat), so I found a way to ease into things. And that’s with the app Couch to 5K. (This is actually a version that’s $1.99. I found a free version by searching the App Store on my iPhone. I’m sure both are great and the concept is the same!)

I’m literally only on Week 1 still (I may or may not have skipped a few days… #truecouchpotato), but I still think it’s great for someone who needs to get motivated and eased into exercise. The first couple of days start you off slow: 5 minute warm-up walk, followed by 20 minutes of alternating 60 seconds of jogging with 90 seconds of walking, and then a 5 minute cool-down walk at the end. As you keep doing it and your endurance builds up, it gets more intense. Stay tuned to see if I actually finish it and am able to complete a 5K in the end…


It’s been around forever, but honestly, Spotify is the best. I recently downloaded the premium version (so I can play whatever I want without shuffling + no ads!) and my commute to work has never been better. The “Discover Weekly” playlists that it creates for you based off your music taste are also on point. I’ve found such great music from that playlist! My music taste is rock/indie/alternative type stuff (in fact, Spotify even recommended I listen to the playlist “Indie Songs for Slackers.” Um, thanks Spotify?) Here are my favorite 3 songs that I’ve recently been listening to on repeat from July:

  1. “Stay” by Plants and Animals
  2. “The Closest Thing to Heaven” by Memory Maze
  3. “Girl!” by Terror Pigeon


Amazon Prime, you have taken control of my life. Prime Day was July 12th, and I went absolutely crazy. I bought a zoodle spiralizer (healthy food, yes!), a blender/food processor contraption, a Kindle Fire, and probably something else but I can’t even remember. Two-day shipping is a beautiful thing. (Why do I feel like the last few favorites I’ve mentioned are just emphasizing my laziness?)

Jokes aside, I love Amazon because it has literally everything and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realize that. Btw, the zoodles were great, my smoothies have never been so smooth, and hopefully I will be mentioning a favorite book that I’ve read on my Kindle in my August favorites (that’s still a work in progress). Until next month…

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