10 Things To Look Forward To This Fall

Summer, you had a good run. July was the hottest month on record (please, turn it down a notch next time), and you provided us with great weather for beach trips, vacations, and backyard BBQs. But the time has come for you to tone down the heat, move on, and let the next season in. Autumn is approaching, and there are a bunch of things to look forward to.

1. Cooler temperatures, first of all

It was nice at first to feel the sunshine on my skin, but I’m sick of sweating in humid 90-degree weather. Autumn temperatures tend to fall in that perfect range where it’s not too hot, and not too cold. So you can walk around without wanting to rip your clothes off and jump into a pool of ice water, or cover every inch of your body is multiple layers of fleece.

2. It’s just so pretty

Nature is awesome. And sure, summer sunsets, spring blooms, and the first 20 minutes or so of a winter snowfall are beautiful, but nothing can really compare to the leaves on a tree in autumn. I mean, just think about all of the colors—and all of the Instagram-worthy posts to come.

3. The clothes

There is nothing in this world like a cozy sweater. It’s like a constant hug wrapped around your body. And a good pair of boots is the second best thing. Plus, it’ll be easier to dress for things like work in the fall, rather than going from the hot outdoors to an overly air conditioned office building in the summer and having to bring extra layers with you. If you needed a reason to go shopping, here it is. Do it.

4. Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays that has just turned into plain, stupid fun. Come up with a costume more ridiculous than everyone else, show it off at a party, eat a lot of candy, and then it’s over.

5. Haunted hayrides and more

The entire month of October is like a pre-Halloween celebration. There are tons of creepy movies to watch (while cuddled up in your comfy sweater, of course), haunted houses to visit and get scared at (if you don’t mind that), and other terrifying attractions to give you an adrenaline rush.

6. Thanksgiving

Family, friends, and food: the three great F’s of life. Is there anything better than getting together with your loved ones, eating turkey (or Tofurky if that’s your thing), and just enjoying each other’s company?

7. Exercising outside

Raise your hand if you’ve refrained from going for a run because it’s just too hot outside. (Not me, because I don’t really run.) But there have still been plenty of times where I’ve decided to choose central air over scorching temps. Autumn is the perfect season for outdoor runs, walks, hikes, and bike rides—without feeling like you’re going to pass out and die of heat stroke.

 8. Beer beer beer

October brings none other than Oktoberfest, accompanied with giant mugs the size of your head and all the beer you could ever need. And, of course, all of the seasonal ales that aren’t available any other time of the year.

 9. An apple a day

On a healthier note, let’s talk about apples. Apple picking brings up fun memories from my childhood. It’s a great activity for both the young and old, and makes eating this healthy snack 10x more fun. As long as you pick the ripe ones…

10. Pumpkin everything

I know saying this makes me sound super #basic, but come on. Is autumn really autumn if you go through it without drinking at least one pumpkin spice latte? Or without eating a pumpkin pie? Or without just going out to a pumpkin patch, picking the biggest one, and bringing it home to carve out its insides and give it a face? The answer is no.

So, see you next year, summer. Autumn doesn’t sound bad at all. But don’t worry, we’ll be wishing you were back once the brutal cold of winter is here.

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