Nail Polish: Go Cheap, or Go Broke

PSA to all you manicure-obsessed folk out there: Stop spending all your money on big brand nail polishes.

If you’re anything like me, you may have a collection of nail polishes and not enough room to store them. You probably walk into a store and mysteriously find yourself hovering in front of the nail polish section, soaking in the different colors and textures, and then realize: What was I here for again? Oh yeah, peanut butter.

When your nails aren’t painted, you feel naked; when your manicure begins to chip, you feel betrayed. And when you take a look at your bank account after exiting an Ulta (or wherever you go for your nail polish needs), you feel broken, damaged, and doomed. (But, hey—new nail polish!)

I know you love your Essie, your OPI, and your China Glaze, and buying anything other than those would be like cheating on your faves, but I swear I have found a cheaper alternative that won’t break your bank account and works just as well. And where you can get it? Five Below! If you’re not familiar with Five Below (or if it’s not in your area, in which case I’m sorry), get familiar. I like to call it an upscale dollar store. If you couldn’t figure it out already, everything sold there is five dollars or less. How much does a single OPI nail polish go for again? $9? How much do 2 nail polishes (yes, 2) go for at Five Below? FIVE DOLLARS.

Now I know you’re wondering about quality. You are probably thinking you’d be better off coloring your nails with a marker or some whiteout. But I actually love this neon-ish, semi-matte, lavender/pink shade, the smooth application, and the lasting results. (Color is Passion Fruit). I painted my nails on a Monday evening, and on Friday, there were a few minor chips, but that also happens when I wear more costly brands. It’s all in the top coat.


The funniest part is I’ve actually had this nail polish for over a year, but it sat, untouched, in one of my cluttered drawers because I’d always pick the “better” ones first—the expensive brands. And I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised when I finally tried it out.

Moral of the story is: Don’t judge a book by its cover. You can still splurge on an Essie or OPI polish every now and then (and trust me, I won’t be giving those up anytime soon), but if you’re tight on cash and in need of a new color, go cheaper. You, your nails, and your bank account will be happier!

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  1. V said:

    I love that color

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