I’m a college graduate. Now what?

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post for this blog. Trust me–I didn’t forget about it. It’s just been a crazy busy past couple of months (okay, more like nine months), and a lot has changed. And one week ago, on May 16, 2014, I became a college graduate.

It’s weird.

You have your whole childhood, your whole adolescence and teenage years waiting for this moment. From the minute you can babble words that probably don’t even make sense, you are waiting for this moment. From pissing your pants in pre-k, to multiplying single digits in 4th grade, to awkwardly trying to impress your crush in 7th grade, you are waiting for this moment, even if you don’t realize it. And then the pressure is on in high school, and you graduate, and you enter college scared yet excited and you realize midway through that these are the best years of your life and you never want to leave.

But you have to.

And then the moment gets here, you shake hands with a bunch of people and walk across a stage and it’s done. It’s over.

So here I sit, a week after graduation, at home in the bedroom that I grew up in, unemployed, just… waiting. Still. Just waiting for the next moment. The next chapter. And that’s all I can do right now, even if I don’t know what’s next, even if that uncertainty scares me half to death.

Just wait.


(*Ahem* So about those job applications I’ve sent out…)

  1. Living That News Life said:

    When May hit, I started freaking out inside. I graduated about a little over a week ago and I had this mentality that you know what, whatever happens at this point in time, I don’t care. When something falls out of the sky and lands in my lap, that’s going to be my sign. I was fortunate enough to accept a job this past Friday and that alone is even scarier. I’m moving to another state (which isn’t bad), but I have to cough up random money from nowhere. That’s the scary part of this whole new endeavor I’m taking.

    But with your search, keep your head up high and don’t think about it as much. It’s kind of odd advice to give but that’s what happened to me. I wasn’t trying to think about it as much because it would get me paranoid that no one was getting back to me after a month and a half of applying. Then suddenly the heavens opened and everyone came swarming in. It was insane. I do wish you plenty of luck in your search. 🙂 Remember you’re good at what you do!

    • Thanks so much for such a thoughtful comment and advice! 🙂 I’m definitely getting anxious waiting for replies to job applications, but I keep reminding myself to enjoy my time now before I’m working basically the rest of my life away. Congrats to you on the job and good luck!

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