It’s only a memory now.

So, I’m home from Florence and the last month could possibly be one of the best of my life. I wrote this on my last day in Florence with about 12 hours remaining until I was bussed back to the airport in Rome.

It’s almost 11 am right now, and I’m sitting near the statues in Piazza Della Signoria on my own. I finished my final in my class early and walked around for a bit at my own pace, bought another beautiful watercolor painting and 3 shot glasses. Then I went into a caffe on my way here and got a cappuccino and a delicious cream filled pastry. Soon I will get up and go to the Central Market, buy some pasta that I will bring home to mom and dad, and then go back to my room to pack and get ready for lunch. It’s been an interesting 3 and a half weeks to say the least. I’ve had really good days, and then I’ve had days where I can’t keep my eyes open, feel out of place, miss my home and want to cry. Overall though, I am really going to miss it here. I can’t believe I will never get to look out of the window of my apartment again. I will hopefully be back to Florence some day, but it won’t be the same experience I’ve had here this summer. No travel writing class. No bumpy bus rides. No crazy nights out. No snoring Alisa, passing out anywhere and every where. I won’t get to hear Alison knock on our door exclaiming loudly in her distinctive voice about a new guy in her life. I’m gonna miss my stupid apartment with its bright white walls and floor and furniture. I’m gonna miss these stupid, dirty, uneven streets. These beautiful, colorful buildings. The old yet refreshing feeling everywhere. The statues, the marble, the green shutters. I don’t know yet if this has changed me. I’ve met some great people but I don’t know if we will all keep in touch. They live all over; when will I get to see them again? While the people I’ve met have played an important role in this adventure, when it comes down to it, it was more all for me. The growth of me, learning about me and my personality and how I adapt in these types of situations. I definitely feel different. I don’t know how yet. Only time will tell. When I get home, I will figure it all out, but right now, my head feels clear. No stress. No worries. I can do anything if I want to, I can travel on my own, figure out a foreign place on my own, live on my own, meet new friends on my own. I am capable. I am free. I am just me, happily wandering in this maze called Firenze.


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